Please be advised there is currently a Heatwave Warning issued by the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) which indicates heatwave conditions for Brisbane to continue over Monday and Tuesday this week.

City Resilience is monitoring the situation and will issue further updates as they arise. 

 Safety Advice from the lead agency, Queensland health

  • Severe heatwaves can be dangerous for many people, especially older people, babies, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women, people with medical conditions and people who are unwell.
  • Seek a place to keep cool, such as your home, a library, community centre or shopping centre.
  • Close your windows and draw blinds, curtains, or awnings early in the day to keep the heat out of your home.
  • If available, use fans or air-conditioners to keep cool.
  • For information on staying safe during a heatwave go to the QLD Department of Health web page.

Weather Situation from the lead agency, BoM 

Maximum temperatures in the low-thirties are forecast over coming days. Heatwave conditions are expected to ease over the next couple of days.