Brisbane City Council is installing Automated Flood Road Warning Systems (AFRWS) at known flood hotspots within the 2022-23 financial year. Electronic signs will be installed on each approach to the following location:

Sign 1: on Bracken Ridge Road, 35m north-west of Hoyland Street

Sign 2: on Bracken Ridge Road opposite Gladdon Street

The new signs will be installed before the end of the year and help reduce the risk of motorists entering flooded roads. The “Road Closed Due to Flooding” message will be LED-backed, ensuring it is highly visible to motorists at night.

The signs switch on automatically when an alarm gauge detects a creek or waterway has reached a certain level. Council is alerted whenever a sign is triggered, and a camera allows the area to be monitored remotely.

The signage is discreet and remains blank until activated by a flood event, providing time for officers to respond and install additional temporary detour signage and barriers, depending on the nature of the event.

The installation of the AFRWS is currently planned for late December 2022. The project team will notify directly affected residents prior to installation as required.