“Chair, I rise to speak on Item B, contracts accepted by delegates of Council for December 2020, specifically the contract related to the Norris Road and Barbour Road intersection upgrade.

This Better Roads for Brisbane project will complement other congestion busting projects that have already been made in Bracken Ridge Ward, such as the Telegraph Road corridor upgrade.

The intersection of Norris Road and Barbour Road has increasingly come under pressure during peak hours with 19,000 vehicles per day on Norris Road alone. It connects residential areas, shopping precincts, a number of schools, day care centres and the Bracken Ridge TAFE campus

It is also a key public transport corridor for buses servicing the northern suburbs and has become a connection road, linking Bracken Ridge Road and Telegraph Road as part of a larger travel network.

The current single lane roundabout does not cope with peak hour and school traffic and there have been a number of accidents over the last few years due to drivers attempting risky manoeuvres.

Following lobbying from the Federal Member, Luke Howarth, the Australian Government will help Brisbane City Council to replace the roundabout with traffic signals including signalised pedestrian crossing facilities. New footpaths and shared pathways connecting to the existing network will also be installed to improve accessibility and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists.

Work has already begun on this project with Telstra currently relocating some of their infrastructure on Norris Road to make way for the signalised intersection.

Following activity on this site, many residents have been conveying their excitement that work is under way, particularly the residents of Oaks Estate, who welcome the additional lanes that will reduce queuing at the intersection which serves as the main entry and exit to the estate. This administration certainly hasn’t wasted any time in getting on with this project.

I’m also happy to say that another Better Roads for Brisbane project being delivered by Brisbane City Council and the Australian Government, the Hoyland Street upgrade, is also well under way and also welcomed by my community. Both these congestion-busting projects will improve safety and get people home quicker and safer.”

Tuesday 16 February 2021