Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has issued a call to arms to Brisbane residents to sign up to Mud Army 2.0 and help Brisbane speed-up the recovery process from the devastating floods.

Cr Schrinner said Brisbane has a reputation for being a highly resilient community willing to help each other out during difficult times following repeated natural disasters.

“Brisbane has been smashed again by flood with thousands of homes and businesses inundated and in need of help,” he said.

“Yet from the moment we faced this terrible event residents from across Brisbane have been reaching out to me to ask how they can lend a hand to help the city recover.

“So I have revived the renowned Mud Army from the 2011 flood so we can coordinate the clean up together and ensure people don’t get left behind.

“If you helped out in 2011 or have just heard the stories about the heroic efforts of hundreds of Brisbane locals I am urging everyone willing and able to sign up to get involved.

“This is your opportunity to be part of Mud Army 2.0 and your chance to join the next chapter of Brisbane’s proud history of helping each other out.”

Under the Mud Army 2.0 plan, people, community groups, tradies and machinery operators can sign up from today through the Brisbane City Council and Volunteering Queensland websites.

People in need of assistance are strongly encouraged to also register their details on these websites.

Similar to 2011, dedicated Mud Army 2.0 marshalling points will be activated across Brisbane.

Volunteers will be provided transport from these marshalling points to those areas across Brisbane that are most in need of help.

People will be encouraged not to drive to clean-up points to avoid traffic hazards being created in areas where clear access will be required to help the clean up.

Volunteers will be provided glasses and gloves with bottled water supplied on site.

Cr Schrinner said thousands of homeowners and businesses will urgently need the aid of Mud Army 2.0 volunteers once flood waters recede.

“Whether you need help or can offer help, we want Brisbane people to log on and let us know,” he said.

“If it’s for a whole day or just a few hours, it doesn’t matter. I am just urging all Brisbane residents of all ages to get involved in Mud Army 2.0.

“While the river didn’t rise as high as 2011, the damage is spread over a larger area due to widespread creek flooding and people are really going to need help.

“When the river water does recede, the extent of the damage will be revealed and we will know more about where the Mud Army 2.0 will be needed.

“Brisbane residents know and love their city and I am confident many will be eager to get involved once the full extent of the damage is revealed.”

Sign up link: https://www.brisbane.qld.gov.au/community-and-safety/community-safety/february-2022-severe-weather-event-council-updates-and-impacts/mud-army-20