The Schrinner Council has stockpiled a massive number of concrete pipes to ensure the timely and cost-efficient delivery of road and drainage projects across Brisbane.

 Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner said the stockpile, which lined up would stretch the length of 50 football fields, is a great example of Council’s sensible planning and strong financial management.

“Brisbane is the fastest growing capital city in Australia and our Council is responding with record investment in vital infrastructure,” Cr Schrinner said.

“We are undertaking a wide range of road and drainage works throughout Brisbane’s suburbs, all of which require these concrete pipes.

 This is all a part of our plan to ensure that we deliver the basics in our suburbs, even those which you can’t see after the work is done.  

 Global supply chain disruptions are having a huge impact on the price and availability of these pipes, which could significantly impact the cost and completion date of critical projects.

 We have greatly reduced this risk by stockpiling a huge number of pipes, preventing cost impacts and delays being passed onto ratepayers.

 This proactive approach to secure the crucial supply of construction materials are just one of the reasons Brisbane continues to have the lowest rates in south east Queensland despite our huge works program and first-rate services.”

 More than 2000 concrete drains have been stockpiled at two locations as part of the advanced purchasing order.

 The current stockpile is the equivalent of about a 9-month supply, based on Council’s current building program.

 Cr Schrinner said, according to industry advice, the current wait time for concrete piping is up to 40 weeks.

“Whether you’re a government, construction company or a mum and dad renovating team, no one is immune to the long wait times or increasing prices we’re seeing across the construction sector,” Cr Schrinner said.

“Project delays can be very costly and having a forward order of pipes has ensured we can get on with work and save ratepayer dollars.”

 Cr Schrinner said the upgrade of Beams Road in Carseldine would be one of the major projects benefitting from Council’s forward thinking.

“We’re partnering with the Australian Government to upgrade Beams Road and having a steady supply of pipes will help ensure this project runs on time,” he said.

“Projects across the city will benefit from the stockpile of pipes, as we roll out our congestion busting works program.

 These projects identify areas with a high crash history and undertake upgrades to help residents get home sooner and safer.

 We’ll continue getting on with delivering vital infrastructure projects to get on with delivering the basics, to ensure the Brisbane of tomorrow even better than the Brisbane of today.”