“Thank you, Chair. I rise to encourage people to support Cancer Council Queensland Daffodil Day on Thursday 25 August. This appeal raises funds for medical research into cancer and in-cancer treatment. Very few people have not been impacted by cancer, whether it be their own experience or someone they know. Research shows improved prevention and detection – early detection and treatment improve the lives of so many with the Cancer Council funding these life-changing breakthroughs over the years. I, myself, have had my own experience with melanoma and early detection and treatment has assisted me. My own father, who did pass away from lymphoma, but because of early detection and treatment had five very good years.

Just recently, three weeks ago, I attended the funeral of a very good friend’s sister, Lisa, who had a battle with cancer, ovarian cancer, for 15 years, but because of that medical research and the treatment, had a very full and beautiful life. My own nephew was two years old when he had leukaemia. Because of the treatment, he is a survivor, and he now celebrates his 25th birthday this year.

I wanted to talk about Bracken Ridge State School. They are great supporters of Cancer Council every year and just last week had a cent auction with raffles, an auction, and they raised $9,117. They are the highest on the leader board for schools and the nearest to them was a school who raised $500.

They were well supported by an incredible team of volunteers led by Amy Attwood and incredible community support with donations of raffles. Then the community and school parents came together and had a beautiful day listening to the students doing musical performances and all got into the spirit of raising that money. I think it was an incredible effort by a very small school in my community. Of course, as the Lord Mayor mentioned earlier, we are supporting by lighting our assets yellow for Daffodil Day. I do encourage everyone to help by purchasing daffodils on Thursday. The reason it’s a daffodil is because it’s the first flower of spring and daffodils have become a symbol of hope.

You can do your bit on Thursday by buying a daffodil and know that you are or will bring hope to many people. Thank you.”

23 August 2022